Diagnostic and Repairs

How accurate your current maintenance provider diagnose vehicle fault?

Regular diagnostic tests can detect problems with your vehicle before they require expensive repairs, or worse, leave your vehicle stranded on the side of the road after a breakdown. And while many people think diagnostic tests are only necessary when the check engine light comes on, there are many benefits to taking a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance.


Fault Diagnostic

Of all the technological advances in the automotive sector over the decades, one of the most beneficial to consumers and HGV technicians alike has been the computerisation of the vehicles’s components. Using specialised software, vehicle diagnostic tools quickly and accurately point to problem areas in a vehicles’s engine or elsewhere, thanks to built-in processors, microchips and sensors.

Diagnostic tests can reveal problems within a vehicle’s engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, and other major components, as well as performance issues with the fuel injector, air flow and coolant, ignition coils, throttle, etc.
However, a common misconception about vehicle diagnostic tests is that technicians can use code-reading tools to determine the exact problem that triggered the check engine light. In reality, the code tells technicians which engine or component parameters are out of range, but it does not detail the cause of the problems. That’s where the good old human brain comes in handy, as the technician uses experience and expertise to diagnose the underlying problem.

Before the emergence of vehicle diagnostic tests, identifying problems was time-consuming and expensive, especially considering vehicle owners only brought their lorries to mechanics after a breakdown or other severe malfunction. Now, computerised vehicle components can detect problems long before they cause a breakdown. Diagnostic tools can also check a on board’s computer system for manufacturer notifications and stored information about the vehicle’s history, giving technicians a complete picture in order to perform the best repair possible.

We recommend a full diagnostic over each inspections. It allows our technicians to find oncoming issues well before they start affecting vehicle's performance.


HGV Repairs

Just as you are professional to your business we at Wise Fleet Maintenance through years of experience in truck repair, maintain all our customers vehicles to a very high standard of repair but still manage to keep costs down. By choosing us as your preferred repairer when you call you get somebody who knows what you're talking about and knows how to assist with your request.

We have also a no waiting policy so if your vehicle comes in with a fault we will check diagnose and repair it right away if possible so your truck is back on the road right away or we will inform so you know what to plan for. We consult with our customers regularly regarding future repair costs and vehicle viability and reliability. We propably can call us as a most reliable vehicle repairer in Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough area.