MOT Preparation and Presentation

Are you fed up with MOT Failures?


It is an offence to use an unroadworthy vehicle on the road and the DVSA is responsible for enforcing the law. It is actively involved in HGV and trailer testing and employing examiners who conduct yearly roadworthiness tests, hold roadside spot checks and inspect operators’ own maintenance records. The traffic commissioners may take into account the number of annual test failures and roadside prohibitions incurred when an operator applies for an O-licence variation.

Which laws apply?

Both HGV and MoT testing are covered by the Road Traffic Act 1988. Goods vehicles that require an annual test include:

- vehicles over 3,500kg gross weight
- all motor vehicles which form part of an articulated vehicle
- semi-trailers
- converter dollies
- trailers with an unladen weight over 1,020kg


MoT test records

Records of test results are now held on a secure central database and all MoT testing stations are connected to this. When your vehicle is tested at one of these computerised testing stations your test record will be entered onto this new database and an A4-size certificate issued.
The law is quite clear that responsibility for the roadworthiness of vehicles and trailers lies with the operator. This remains the case even when maintenance is contracted out to a third party and for leased or hired vehicles and trailers.

Do you receive top quality service?

As a Vehicle operator's licence holder You must keep your vehicles roadworthy and if you do not do the maintenance yourself the Traffic Commissioner will want to see a written agreement with the maintenance provider that looks after your fleet.
We do understand your needs and risk taken. Every single vehicle is treated at the same, highest level as well maintaned fleet is safe, cost effective and no risk to your licence. If you're based in Corby, Kettering or Wellingborough area, contact us to compare your current contract to our offer.

Wise Fleet Maintenance Service


Pre MOT Inspections

Our highly trained and experienced technicians will take care of your vehicles and make sure it will pass MOT smoothly. Your truck will be fully tested and prepared before will get to MOT lane.


Laser Wheel Alignment

Correct wheel alignment saves on fuel costs (up to 10%) and increases tyre life by up to 25%. It also improves ride and driver comfort. We can treat your lorry over regular inspection or on demand...


Full Diagnostic

Whatever the fault, it is likely that during each repair process the ECUs will need to be accessed to clear the fault codes or configure the replacement components, operations that are only possible using a diagnostic tool. Now even scheduled service and maintenance in many cases requires the use of diagnostic equipment, to reset the service lights and check or activate the various systems.


Fleet Maintenance

Our Workshop Management System will remember all dates related to your fleet. It will notify you about oncoming inspections, MOT and Tacho Calibration. It will schedule everything for you, and you... just run the transport.